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Memorandum To Colonel Harry shoot Responsible of Confederacy force in Kurdistan

After our greeting and thanks we are appreciate all your effort wher you performed to Put and end the era cruelty Regime in the History (saddam Regime) . Also we must appreciated all your work when you effort it in the Iraq in general and in Kurdistan in specially.

Mr. Colonel

Surley you Know after Put and end the Baths Regime in Iraq all the border was opened by the confederacy force order Also all the duty above the goods was take away.

Among this goods and instrumment alarge percent of Cars by the (Export) quality was come to Iraq from the Jordon Abu dahabi Kwait Syria and Sudia Arabia border. And also the large Percent of this cars was recived to Kurdistan. Undoubtedly this step is very god and important especially to those Person who has limited Proceeds and they realize his drims but unfortunately The Authority in Kurdistan Region (Erbil) administration by the uneven order was to issue to take the duty From this Cars and they limited toomuch amout of this (duty) for one car is (1000 to 1200$) Amercan dolar.

Undoubtedly this amount is very more and the poor people and person who has limited procceds especially the official section they cannot able topay this Large amount.

Today weare asking this Quality of this cars (Export) are not in Kurdistan only they are to spread all over Iraqi Land and why the (Erbil) administration take this duty uneven.

Our owner of this (Export) cars very very worried and very pessimist about this situation and we are asking if you coming here to make happy or oppression the People?

We want to your fast to intervene in this issue and find the Suitable way to treating this Subject and to exempt from all the duty above this cars because the authority here started to distrion this cars.

Surely treating this complex issue make from people more trust to yours and it is also benefit between oure and you.

With our greeting again.

Not: We are compelled to publish this memorandum in the information foundation (News paper TV Radio) and Enternet.

Hemn Husain Yasin

Onebehalf of all owner (Export) cars


Email:hemnbaban@yahoo. com